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Prescott Charter School

Our Story

La Tierra Community School, a charter school in Prescott, AZ, began its adventure to provide the innovative and inspiring learning model, Expeditionary Learning, to children of the Tri-City communities in 2010.  The school was originally only 13 students, in three elementary grades, in one classroom. It has since grown to approximately 100 students, grades kindergarten through sixth.

La Tierra is Genuinely a Community School

We are a tight knit learning community with a sincere love for children and learning, inspiring cultural awareness and citizen scholarship. We believe that to truly effect change in our world, we need to empower children through education. While experiencing the joy of learning, La Tierra Community School students demonstrate Academic Mastery, Social Engagement & the Power of Diversity! We are the only Expeditionary Learning elementary school in the tri-city area.

Currently, our public charter school serves grades K-6. La Tierra Community School is committed to providing a transformative education to all of its students. Our ambition is to inspire in our children the knowledge to become citizen scholars.

Mission Statement

La Tierra Community School provides an active, transformative educational experience and values a respect for diversity, academic rigor and a commitment to social and environmental justice. Our program uses the natural and cultural resources of the Southwest to foster local, relevant connections for children through learning expeditions. We value children’s sense of curiosity and discovery as well as their ability to think critically, reflect upon their world and promote positive change in their community.

Guiding Principles

Learning is Meaningful – La Tierra Community School embeds second language learning as part of each student’s academic experience with up to an hour of Spanish language instruction daily. Through research we have discovered that learning a second language increases critical thinking skills, creativity, and flexibility of mind in young children.

Learning is Contemporary – All students at La Tierra are 21st Century learners with one-to-one technology capacity through the implementation of LearnPads. La Tierra has LearnPads in every classroom for technologically enhanced learning opportunities.

Learning is Collaborative – We are committed to the development of good character and thread a rich character education model into all areas of learning. Through character education, we foster an ethic of social and cultural diversity. We learn in an environment where we share ideas and work together to discover our greatest potential.

Learning is Challenging – Students of all ages wonder, notice and question their learning. Our learning model is based on cross-curricular thematic units of study (expeditions) that allow students to embrace learning that has real-life applications. Our approach to learning inspires innate connections to content and challenges students to grapple with ideas and apply new skills to real-world matters, inspiring all students to make positive change in their community.

Learning is Public – Students at La Tierra Community School demonstrate their learning accomplishments through a variety of exhibitions and presentations. Students learn to give and receive feedback from community members, peers and faculty, as their public learning demonstrations become avenues for continued growth.

Learning is Active – We aspire to provide service to our community and to be actively engaged in our community. Guiding questions inspire students to become activists, researchers, investigators, scientists, historians, developers and service-workers dedicated to citizen scholarship. We spend days out in the field exploring concepts, engaging with experts and discovering our own truths.

 Students of La Tierra Community School will inspire change in their globally connected world.