Dear La Tierra Community School Families,

First, let me thank you for giving me such an amazing opportunity to lead your school. I am thrilled to be able to embark on this journey of shared leadership of the school that provides children with holistic and heartfelt education. My goal is to listen, work with everyone and focus on developing a smart sustainable plan for our community not only to sustain itself but also grow in a way that fosters a full potential in all of us.

My name is Lenka V. Studnicka, I was born in the Czech Republic. For those who are further interested in my journey, educational background and my ever­developing views and philosophy on education and leadership, please read my article (see attachment) I’ve published this year in Journal of Sustainability Education magazine.

My passion and life commitment lies with education, which I perceive as a pathway to freedom and peace, and teaching as a work of heart. One cannot teach without compassion, love, curiosity, and high respect for life. Before I entered my doctoral program, my academic focus was on early childhood education and how I could make a difference in teaching for integration in order to educate children for their full potential. I researched nature and the essential need of humans to be in nature and its healthy benefits on the child’s development. Through exploration of peace studies I reflected on values and ethics of peace and mapped out different ways of how to educate for peace, which helped me to realize the enormity of this issue. The question I pose to myself is this, How do I help children realize their full potential while nurturing in them the essential need for conservation, genuine respect for coexistence, and the value of restoration?

I have been in the education field in different roles for the past 30 years. My educational background and credentials reflect my continuous life commitment to the field of education, sustainability, and peace. I have a BA and MA in education with a focus on Early Childhood and Instructional Methodologies and Curriculum Planning. I am also a Waldorf, and Montessori certified educator who understands a variety of alternative approaches. I am graduating with my PhD in Sustainability Education on May 7, 2017. My academic research is in Early Childhood Education as Sustainable Peacemaking: Supporting Interdisciplinary Learning to Bridge Theory and Practice.

My background and age provide me with a unique combination of knowledge, wisdom, and leadership that will help us to further foster and nurture what is exceptional about La Tierra Community School while helping us to implement elements of smart and sustainable future growth.
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Again, thank you for giving me this opportunity.
Sincerely yours,
Lenka V. Studnicka