Frequently Asked Questions

What grades does La Tierra Community School offer?

La Tierra Community School offers grades K-7

What makes La Tierra Community School different than other schools in the area?

La Tierra Community School is the only Expeditionary Learning-inspired elementary school in the Tri-City area.

  • We have a rich visual arts program.
  • Our school focuses on culture and community.
  • We foster an ethic of social and cultural diversity.
  • We hold high expectations for all students through academic rigor as we challenge students to think critically about and apply skills to real world matters. We strive to inspire students to recognize their abilities to effect positive change within their community.
  • Our learning model is based on cross-curricular thematic units of study (expeditions) that allow students to embrace learning that has real-life applications.
  • We have a strong focus on service learning and service to the community.
  • Our children participate in public learning demonstrations sharing their learning products with an authentic audience.
  • We learn within our community and with various local partners such as the Highlands Center, Acker Park, Prescott Public Library, Museum of Indigenous People and more.
What is Expeditionary Learning?
Expeditionary Learning creates a structure for schools that promote engagement, character building, and academic rigor. The Core Practices of EL are:

  • Learning Expeditions (these are in-depth, multi-subject/cross curricular studies of a rich topic that lasts several weeks)
  • Active Pedagogy (this is how teachers facilitate learning by keeping all students active, involved, and inspired)
  • Culture & Character (positive behavior and citizenship traits are emphasized, enabling a safe, nurturing environment)
  • Structures (daily, weekly, and year-long schedules are considered to foster highest quality learning for both students and faculty)
  • Leadership & School Improvement (collaborative leadership is fostered and individuals are empowered to effect change making the school and world  better)

Learn more about Expeditionary Learning!

How is Prescott College involved?

Prescott College and La Tierra Community School have been partners since the school’s inception.  Students and staff at Prescott College were involved in the creation, development, and evaluation of the school.  Our students collaborate with students and professors at Prescott College to enrich our learning opportunities. La Tierra partners with the Prescott College work study program. Each semester Prescott College students serve as part time instructional aides in our classrooms. 

How do I enroll?

Call or stop by the office to schedule a tour and speak with the directors about our unique learning community! Then fill out an enrollment packet by the open enrollment date. Learn more about enrollment!