Keep your tax dollars local AND support our school!

Arizona taxpayers have the unique opportunity to redirect a portion of the taxes you already pay to public/charter school education. Due to the Arizona State Legislature’s cuts to funding in education, our school relies on these donations in order to maintain our exceptional arts, music, and Spanish programs, as well as community connections, fieldwork experiences, and more! Together, our learning community must bring in $30,000 in Tax Credit donations to maintain these programs at La Tierra Community School.

You can receive a dollar-for-dollar Arizona State tax credit when you donate to La Tierra Community School. This means that money you would otherwise pay toward your AZ tax liability will benefit our school in a HUGE way!  Plus! You do not need to have a child in school to take advantage of this contribution. Please share this information with your friends and family!  Tax Credit donations can only come from households, not businesses or corporations.  You can make this donation in addition to the AZ State Qualifying Charitable Organization Tax Credit.

For those filing a single tax return, your donation can be up to $200.
For those filing a joint tax return, your donation can be up to $400.

Learn more about the AZ School Tax Credit by visiting:

Donate on our webpage through Paypal, by mail or by stopping in our office.

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