The Importance of PE and Exercise

Because we do a lot of experiential learning at LTCS, getting out of classroom chairs and moving is a regular occurrence for all our students. We are focused on experiencing the world, in order to learn the world. But there is something special to be gained from the way we move our bodies in Physical Education class. 

This year, LTCS students will have PE class twice a week, where they experience the benefits of exercise as well as the fun of acquiring new skills and knowledge. By building PE into our weekly routine, we are demonstrating that it is a priority for a healthy life. We are also helping our students create the foundation to be physically active for a lifetime. If students are having fun being active, they will want to be active – it may even inspire them to join a team or organization to further their physical activity. 

La Tierra Community School (LTCS) students doing yoga

Developing both fine and gross motor skills and picking up new physical skills, such as jumping rope or dribbling a basketball, takes practice and repetition. And it takes patient and clear instruction, which is where our wonderful PE teacher Ms. Sam comes into the picture. Her goal is to make PE an inspired period where “students explore the benefits of teamwork, and mind/body health through various movement activities.” 

She is also focused on creating PE classes that work with the unique interests and differences of the students – she wants to bolster their interests while also introducing them to new activities. “This semester, we will move our bodies through dance and yoga, learn about health and wellness, play and laugh through sports and games and continue learning through new experiences.”   

Careful planning of PE classes, like all experiential learning at LTCS,  ensures that students connect to new concepts — in this case via physical activities and sports. Our K-7 students learn first-hand about sportsmanship, team dynamics, overcoming obstacles (physical and mental), endurance and working together towards a common goal. And they will have opportunities to build leadership skills and confidence.

Ms. Sam says that Environmental Education is dear to her heart and so she plans to include the outdoors wherever possible. For instance, she is considering classes in outdoor life skills where students could learn and partake in a wilderness survival situation and develop lifelong skills.

LTCS students doing zumba

We are excited to have dedicated Physical Education classes because we know it’s an important part of supporting our students in becoming healthy for a lifetime. LTCS students will have quality play-based and outdoor-based PE that support the concept “move your body – move your mind”. The body and mind are connected, and when you move your body, new connections are made, new skills are learned, and new levels of confidence are achieved. 

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