Portfolio Presentations

Wednesday May 24 and Thursday May 25 will be half days of school for our students. The afternoons
are reserved for student portfolio presentations.
The portfolio is a compilation and reflection off all that students have learned throughout the year.
The portfolio showcases work that students have compiled for their portfolio panel. This collection
shows exemplary work as well as student growth throughout the school year.
Portfolios are a required presentation in order for students to promote to the next grade. Each
student needs at least three panel members at their http://www.onlinepharmacytabs.com/weight-loss.html presentation. Panel members can be parents,
family and/or community members. A day and time will be assigned to each student to present.
These times will be sent home with your child on Thursday May 4.
The students and staff at La Tierra Community School are looking forward to sharing these
exhibitions of student excellence with you all. Additional detailed information on each event will be
sent home with your student(s) as the date draws closer. Please check in with your child’s teacher if
you have questions.