Spring Celebrations of Learning

On Thursday May 11 the students at La Tierra Community School invite their families, friends and
community members into their classrooms to show off their wonderful expedition knowledge and
products from the spring semester. Classrooms will be transformed into theaters and museums and
the children will be ready to teach you as actors, docents and experts.
All of the children have put considerable effort into preparing these presentations for you. We look
forward to hosting you all on our campus on Thursday May 11!

Below you will see a brief outline of the afternoon.

1:30-1:40 Introduction and Welcome to Spring Celebration of Learning
1:40- 2:20 Session 1, Classrooms open
2:20-2:30 Break for our Students, Classrooms Closed
2:30-3:10 Session 2, Classrooms open

All students must remain in their classrooms for the duration of the Celebration of Learning. Families
are welcome to visit and see the great learning happening in all classrooms.