Top Ten Reasons to Attend La Tierra Community School 

At La Tierra Community School (LTCS) we work together to nurture the whole child and inspire passion for learning. Here are our top ten reasons for attending our free K-7 public charter school: 

1. La Tierra Community School provides an experiential approach to learning.

We are the only expeditionary learning-inspired elementary school in the tri-city area.  Our model challenges students to think critically and take active roles in their classrooms and communities, resulting in higher achievement and greater engagement in school. Expeditionary Learning-inspired schools are characterized by:

  • Active instructional practices that build academic skills and student motivation
  • Rigorous projects that meet state standards and are connected to real-world needs
  • School cultures of kindness, respect, and responsibility for learning
  • Shared leadership for school improvement
  • School-wide commitment to improved teaching and leadership practices

boy learning to use fire hose

2. The whole child is our focus. 

We elevate the development of positive character traits and thread a rich character education model into all areas of our learning together. 

3. We value and respect diversity.

Through character education, we foster an ethic of social and cultural diversity curiosity and we learn in an environment where we share ideas and work together to discover our greatest potential. Our program uses natural and cultural resources to imprint relevant connections through our use of thematic learning expeditions.

4. We invest in the growth of both new and veteran teachers, helping transform LTCS classrooms into rigorous and stimulating learning environments.

Our La Tierra teachers and faculty lead the way in our commitment to the Expeditionary Learning principle that the quality of a school lies in its culture. Expeditionary Learning-inspired approaches inform our standards, curriculum, pedagogy, assessment and our overall school organization. 

rafting trip

5. Our K-7 students of all ages wonder, notice and question their learning.

Our learning model is based on cross-curricular thematic units of study (expeditions) that allow students to embrace learning that has real-life applications. Our approach to learning inspires innate connections to content and challenges students to grapple with ideas and apply new skills to real world matters, inspiring all students to make positive change in their community.

6. We value the ability to think critically, reflect upon the world, and promote positive change in our local and global communities (la tierra).

Students at La Tierra Community School demonstrate their learning accomplishments through a variety of exhibitions and presentations. Our students learn to give and receive feedback from community members, peers and faculty, as their public learning demonstrations become avenues for continued growth.

7. We are a tight-knit learning community with a sincere love for K-7 children and education.

We believe that to truly effect change in our world, we need to empower children through curated, intentional education. Our students are scientists, urban planners, historians, and activists. They investigate real community problems and collaborate with peers to develop creative, actionable solutions. Students learn by conducting  “learning expeditions” rather than being taught one subject at a time.

kids outdoors with arms raised

8. Our K-7 students see the relevance of their learning and are motivated by the understanding that their learning has purpose.

While experiencing the joy of learning, La Tierra Community School students demonstrate academic mastery and social engagement; and all students at La Tierra are 21st Century learners with one-to-one technology opportunities. 

9. We aspire to provide service to  — and  be actively engaged in  — our community.

Guiding questions inspire our students to become activists, researchers, investigators, scientists, historians, developers and service-workers dedicated to citizen scholarship. We spend days out in the field exploring concepts, engaging with experts and discovering our own truths.

10. Currently, our LTCS public charter school serves grades K-7.

Our dedicated teachers make our community school what it is through their tireless dedication, dynamic classroom learning expeditions and themes, and energetic character education. Our academic and administrative team is committed to providing a transformative education to every one of our unique K-7 students. Join our K-7 community school today! 

About La Tierra Community School 

At La Tierra Community School, teachers, parents, staff, and students work together to create a school culture of collaboration, respect, and high expectations. Through our expeditionary learning-inspired approach, trust, respect, responsibility, and joy in learning permeate our community and our students know they can impact their world. Enrolling K-7 in Prescott, today