Discover Third Grade at LTCS!

Have the pandemic restrictions and online learning caused you to re-examine what you want for your child’s educational journey? For many parents, spending time working with their students to accomplish schoolwork has created new insights about their child and the way they learn.

If you are thinking of making a change in your child’s school environment, we want to give you a glimpse of what’s possible at La Tierra Community School by showing you our third grade!

Third grade is a magical time; students are 8-9 years old and brimming with curiosity and energy. Our third grade teacher, David McNelly, matches their energy and enthusiasm and channels it into productive learning time.

La Tierra Community School is Expeditionary Learning inspired, which means that we have thematic-based curriculum and real-world learning at every turn. Our students spend a significant amount of time doing hands-on, project-based learning inside the classroom, and field work outside the classroom. Mr. Dave loves nothing more than taking students out for field work, where they move their bodies and exercise their minds in new ways. If you discovered over the last year that your student is happier and more focused when they physically engage in learning, consider joining the LTCS family.

In third grade, they are working with the theme “We Come From Everywhere” which explores ancestry, the history of people moving to the United States, and personal family history. This theme provides fantastic opportunities to engage in language arts, social studies, geography, and science. All the study and activities of “We Come from Everywhere” culminate with students performing a musical about family ancestry. Past years have shown this musical to be very popular with the LTCS audience!

It’s not only the musical that gets our third graders singing. Mr. Dave is an avid guitarist and music education is an integral part of his third grade classroom. All third graders choose a favorite song at the beginning of the year and David creates a songbook for the class. Throughout the year, Mr. Dave and the students learn the songs and by the end of the year, they have joined their voices in song so often that they know everything in the songbook. It makes our yearly LTCS bonfire night tremendous fun when they take the lead on singing around the campfire!

Teacher David McNelly playing guitar around the campfire with students and families.

Another theme running throughout the third grade year at LTCS is “Whose Planet Is It?” The exploration of plants, photosynthesis, seeds, and soil are all part of the study of the planet. The Spring Expedition for “Whose Planet Is It?” culminates a spring campout in Tucson and a behind the scenes tour at the Biosphere. Where else can you go camping and be immersed in a Biosphere as part of third grade learning? Only at LTCS!

Teachers and students visiting the Biosphere

Of course, students are in the classroom as well, mastering math skills such as multiplication and fractions – which leads to some very real world situations! Students use their math skills to estimate the cost of a shopping list, and to divide things fairly amongst themselves. Every time our students practice their skills in real-world scenarios, we see them make new connections and become more motivated to learn.

No matter what grade we’re talking about at LTCS, we are committed to educating the whole child. Our thematic, expeditionary learning inspired model gives us the flexibility to engage students based on their interests, strengths, and learning styles. And we wholly believe in the development of good character, which is why character education weaves throughout our curriculum and fosters an ethic of social and cultural diversity.

We are a family at La Tierra Community School, caring for each other and elevating the educational experience for our students and families. Third grade is a wonderful example of how our students learn, grow, and experience the world with the knowledge they gain in the classroom. Third graders are an important part of our family and we invite you to experience third grade with us. 

About La Tierra Community School 

At La Tierra Community School, teachers, parents, staff, and students work together to create a school culture of collaboration, respect, and high expectations. Through our expeditionary learning-inspired approach, trust, respect, responsibility, and joy in learning permeate our community and our students know they can impact their world. Enrolling K-7 in Prescott, today!